About Us

Pat Etcheberry [picture here]

A legend in the field of sports fitness and movement for more than thirty years, Pat's knowledge and expertise is wide-ranging and has been since his days at the University of Kentucky where he was the trainer for all the university's men's and women's intercollegiate teams.
The name Etcheberry is synonymous with success in the sport of tennis, with Pat having trained nearly two-dozen Champions who have raised the victor's trophy at more than 100 Grand Slam tournaments and countless Masters contests. A former Olympian himself, Pat has also trained 15 Olympic Medalists. Pat also works with world-class champion players in a variety of sports, and designs and conducts client-specific programs for top executives and Fortune 500 companies.
Pat has served for years as Director of the Etcheberry Sports Performance Division at the Mission Inn Resort, where he develops both world class professionals and aspiring players as young as eight years old in sports as diverse as tennis, golf, football, swimming and speed skating.
Pat's programs focus on improving overall physical prowess using unique training techniques he has designed specifically to increase stamina and performance.

Chris Emkey [picture here]

An industry leader in sports fitness training. Chris’ story as a fitness trainer and sports performance coach dates to his Harry Hopman Tennis Academy days during high school, where he first recognized how few players, including the pros, took advantage of the strength and conditioning component of the Academy. He then played Division I college tennis in Charleston, SC, followed by the pro-tennis satellite circuit, and his passion and belief in the importance of strength and conditioning in any athlete’s career only grew. After sustaining injuries, he put his racquet down and began running his family-owned tennis/fitness business. “I was fortunate to be surrounded by very knowledgeable strength and conditioning coaches but found a very large gap in the assessment and training of not only elite athletes but athletes as young as 7 years old, said Chris, “Having the honor of teaming up with Pat Etcheberry, the legendary and iconic strength and conditioning coach in the world, reinforced my focus on that gap as we had similar thoughts and goals on the topic.”
At Etcheberry, we believe in the thorough evaluation and assessment of an athlete followed by the creation of a program designed specifically for them. Simply because you are a tennis player does not mean you should train the same as every other tennis player. Your training program not only needs to be based around your strengths and deficiencies but also your player type, goals and resources of time, trainers, finances, and equipment.
Currently Chris trains elite athletes on the high school, academy, college and professional levels in a variety of sports in locations across the country and abroad, with his state-of-the- art facility based in Reading, PA. His athletes are put through his vigorous assessment-based program designed to target strengths and deficiencies.
Chris’ Philosophy: Of all the potential deficiencies, an athlete might have, correcting just one of them will make a substantial difference in his or her performance. Imagine the transformation if we can correct multiple deficiencies.