The Etchfit System

The Etchfit 4 Step Training System was developed and utilized by two of the industry's leading trainers for athletes, Pat Etcheberry and Chris Emkey. This training system has produced 12 number one ranked tennis players in the world and numerous professional and Olympic athletes. Etchfit provides an intentional and purposeful plan to maximize athletic performance and minimize the likelyhood of injury. The Etchfit System consists of the following steps that provide a comprehensive physical assessment to develop an individualized program that brings the athlete's body and mind to top form. 

" essence by providing you with this system (including ability to contact us with questions and details) ,  we are taking the thinking and guesswork out of it and allowing you to simply implement your training program with a high level of confidence..." Chris Emkey

STEP 1 - Evaluation and Testing 

We build the athlete's profile with a questionaire and interview to get to know the athlete, including their goals and expectations. We then assess the athlete for injury prevention using the following measurements; Anthropometric measurements, functional movemment screening, Static (standing/posture) and Active (movement) Assessment. Finally, we test the athlete to form a performance baseline; balance, flexability, deceleration, agility, power, strength, speed, musclelar endurance, fatiguing anaerobic, aerobic capacity, hand-eye coordination.

STEP 2 - Analyze and Program 

We analyze the athlete's profile with results from assessment/testing and provide a Power Rating which is based on criteria compiled for [many years] of competing athletes. Power rating for individual categories. We then tailor a specific training program for the athlete designed to maintain strengths, target deficiencies, minimize the likelyhood of injury, all leading to maximize performance. Interval Training or Spikes. Champions that undertake Big Spikes to induce stress in training, win tournaments. Big Spikes also delivers more fitness in less time for greater benefit. It allows for proper recovery after pushing hard. Muscle Memory Drills. Different sports require specific athletic moves that an experienced trainer can recommend.

STEP 3 - Execute Training Program

A daily, weekly training program is then provided and executed by the athlete. Proper form is provided. Results are documented by the athlete tracking their accomplishments from the program. The workout program can be adjusted as needed. Strict adherence to the program will result in maximizing their Power Rating during the next assessment and testing. 

STEP 4 - Repeat - Accounting for any changes in the athlete's goals and expectations. Re-assess and re-test for modifications to the training program.


 [Etchfit Training Cycle diagram]



Each Etchfit athlete is given an overall Power Rating (1-10) based on quantifying all current testing results. It is based on analysing years of data from all of our training prerequisites; age, balance, flexibility, deceleration, agility, power, strength, speed, muscular endurance, fatiguing anaerobic, aerobic capacity, hand-eye coordination. A minimum Power Rating of 7 is required to have a passing score.

1-6 = AT RISK

7 = PASS

8 = GOOD


10 = 

(Detailed information about each Step)

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4


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